Saddlin’ up with the Texas Tornado

Jonathan Green

So finally I can speak about what I’ve known for a while– that I will be working on the all new MotoAmerica championship, and best of all, I’m paired up with the legend that is Colin Edwards.

I’ve known Colin for almost 20 years–his entire racing career–and he continues to impress me as a rider, racer, father, teacher and general bad ass. More importantly, his popularity and following in the motorsport world is second to none. In my opinion, he is the most popular man in motorsport, and therefore, if he decides to be part of something, the motorcycle and motorsport worlds will sit up and listen, and that’s why it’s an absolute honor to be paired up with him in the commentary booth.

Trust me, with Colin’s Texas straight talkin’ and my enthusiasm for the sport IT WILL NOT BE DULL. Now let’s saddle up and get everyone talking about the new era of superbikes in America.

Check out the official announcement: